In May (2011)


They are ambitious. They work hard to fulfill their dream. Still, each of them is just one in eight million; each of them, every day, struggling to make rent.

Short documentary ‘In May’ follows four young professionals through New York City: a film about Marta, Will, Mark, and Dania, striving for fame, and their daily fight to survive. At the same time, ‘In May’ draws a portrait of their hometown, New York; a place, ”where God doesn’t exist.”

starring: Marta Martínez, Dania Hückmann, Mark Silver, William Varner
videography: C. Janosch Delcker
music: keychee
editing: C. Janosch Delcker
post production: Michael Kirchberger
thanks to: Erum Naqvi, Deon Serrant, Phoebe Fox, Steven Hamilton, Douglas Belfort, Javier Ortero

A film by C. Janosch Delcker © 2011. All rights reserved.