Things Left Unsaid (2012)

Independent Films

“Things Left Unsaid” is an independent fashion film that follows a young woman through Berlin, dressing up and getting ready for her big moment; a co-production by a a fashion designer and a video journalist, Berlin-based siblings Marie-Christine and Janosch Delcker.




Starring: Arijana Antunovic

Art Director: Marie-Christine Delcker
Make Up Artist: Maria Valeska Prusko
Styling: Maike Schnell

Videography: Janosch Delcker
Assistant to Director: Simon Jegelka
Screenplay: Janosch Delcker and Marie-Christine Delcker
Music: keychee
Editing: Janosch Delcker

Thanks To: Marco Ammer, Michael Kirchberger, Cameron Yates

Executive Producer: Marie-Christine Delcker
Directed by: Janosch Delcker

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